Earlier Posts

In the past I had posted few articles to codeguru.com. Thought of posting them here.
Going by chronological order

Creating Treeview Menu
In the initial ASP.Net days we did not have very sophisticated menu controls for displaying hierarchical menus. In this post, I tried to walk the user through steps required for creating a hierarchical menu using Treeview control. You can access it here

Exception Handling Techniques in ASP.Net
Way back in 2006, I posted this article explaining handling exceptions in ASP.Net. Would post a follow up later as few things have been introduced. You can read more here

Basic Steps for using Lucene.Net with ASP.Net app
I started dabbling with indexing & analysis technology for the first time with Lucene.Net. Since, then I have moved on to ElasticSearch (more on it later). But, still Lucene remains one of the most popular components for search & indexing. Even ElasticSearch built on top of it. Learn the basic steps for using Lucene with ASP.Net here

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